The Quest Continues: Join Moodle Usability Study II, Underway Now


If you are an English-speaking knowledgeable Moodle user, the User Experience (UX) team at Moodle HQ invites you to join the new round of the ongoing usability study. It is intended to shed deeper light into how regular uses interact with Moodle’s features and interface, and will be an important factor of upcoming Moodle enhancements along the way.

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For participants, the assignment consists of joining a session up to thirty minutes long, during which they will try out a prototype and give written or verbal feedback. It requires recording screen and voice, and answering questions about Moodle experience to an interviewer. It does not required participation in the previous phase of the study.

The signing up for the study will stay open until September 20th. Join here. Make sure the available time slots are compatible with your time zone.

Read “Moodle in English: Calling Teachers/Instructors with course editing rights to participate in second round of Moodle HQ Usability Studies” at the forum.

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  1. “Make sure the available time slots are compatible with your time zone.” I’m on the east coast of the USA and all the time slots are midnight, 1 am, etc. I guess this is really an Asian Usability study. There’s a lot of irony here.


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