The Perfect Multi-Modal Learning Scheduler, On Display At Caldwell

Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute has daytime and evening technical, degree, college transfer and adult education programs. To fulfill this maze of educational demands, it offers face-to-face, online and hybrid courses. To decide which course format fits each program, there is one clear constant: Blackboard’s Moodle variation, Moodlerooms.

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Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine describes the approach by North Carolinian Caldwell to educational logistics, a practice that in turn “has also increased the College’s impact on the community it is part of“.

The LMS has become an ally of teachers and administrators alike. They use it for communicating quickly and effectively with students, for publishing and disseminating grades, and as an extra learning aid. Physical classrooms have also found value on the support an LMS provides for communication and content. It is a practical ally for adult learners in particular, who work office hours. Users have given “highly positive feedback“.

Not to rest on the laurels, Caldwell provides robust costumer service, deemed “excellent” in ability and care. According to the Distance Learning Director “Their response time is usually 24 hours or less“.

The success of the LMS effort has led to redoubled interest and investment. Currently a new instructor training course is in development to speed up the time teachers become proficient in taking advantage of all Moodlerooms has to offer.

Read Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine.

moodlerooms-logoThis Moodle Practice related post is made possible by: MoodleRooms the open source learning experience by Blackboard. Rediscover Moodle. Click here to learn more.


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