The Learning Tool Keeping Innovators Rise Afloat The Turbulent Telco Industry

How would you describe the average customer of wireless services? If this sounds like an outdated question, you are partly right. It was the question some telecommunication companies started to ask themselves, and delve into, at the peak of the 1990s. In particular, by those telcos who remain today.

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Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine has featured Tigo, the name of Millicom in the Americas and Africa, and its “corporate university” approach to innovation. While technologies and knowledge change, they do not evolve randomly. The substance underlining the university’s six core competencies has remained relevant for more than two decades:

  1. Collaboration, including cross-team
  2. Promoting critical thinking across corporate levels
  3. Embracing change with matching skills
  4. Raising awareness of employee independence and empowerment
  5. Constantly improving customer relationships
  6. Ensuring the achievement of high-quality standards

The value of the Moodlerooms LMS is to provide a relevant, yet mindful of the past, learning offering to employees at large, and it has been as immeasurable as it has been undeniable. Waves of expansion and mergers have plagued Millicom’s run and are not expected to stop anytime soon if you know your telco history. But throughout internal reorganizations and an ever-changing environment, the LMS has stayed on top.

As the world prepares for 5G, yet another industry-shaking event, a little context is all it takes to make the question relevant again. Short of crystal balls, Millicom hands their visionary teams the LMS as the tool to identify early adopters and pave ways forward.

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