South African Moodle Partner Aosis Shows Off With Material Demo Site

In today’s EdTech world, innovation can come from anywhere. Right now, we all have access to the same tools and information on a more or less even playing field. And while some of these freedoms are not guaranteed, as long as there is an active movement of developers and advocates pursuing open source projects and policies, we get to keep enjoying and spreading the best tech-based learning can offer all over the world.

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Aosis, South Africa’s first official Moodle partner, and one of the only ones (along with eThink Nigeria) for the entire African continent, is releasing its “Moodle Showroom,” with two free online courses in a carefully designed Moodle site with a custom-made theme. The theme seems to follow the “Material” design guidelines by Google, most recognizable for the “floating action button” at the bottom right side of the page.

Delving into the course content, two free offerings are available, the most relevant of which called “Succeed in Online Courses,” a tutorial that reflects on Aosis’ instructional expertise. Upon completion, the course promises to leave you with:

  • A readiness assessment tool,
  • A guide through habits and techniques useful for undertaking online courses,
  • A plan to develop time management skills,
  • An overview of the psychology of learning, covering aspects such as memory and “meta-cognition,” and
  • A comparison between classroom-based and online courses.

To develop the “Succeed in Online Courses” course, Aosis partnered with faculty from the Department of Psychology and the Educational Development Centre at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Learn more in the Aosis eLearning Moodle showroom.

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