Smithfield State High Keeps Things Fast And Simple With MoodleCloud

An interview at reveals practical considerations about using MoodleCloud in basic education contexts. The subject is Smithfield State High, a Queensland high school whose demands of a simple, IT staff-free setup and sufficient level of features with guaranteed reliability seem to have found in Moodle’s SaaS solution the perfect fit.

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While students born at the turn of the 90s are technologically savvy, they will choose simplicity as often as educators whose careers started long before technology set a foot on the classroom. When scouting for an LMS solution, Smithfield’s Kellie Winter recalled the attributes for which she had positive associations, “colorful and engaging” topping her mind.

MoodleCloud satisfied her criteria while also bringing new tools to support the school’s newest ventures. Smithfield leaders had decided to launch a blended learning initiative. This meant the LMS had to be available both in the school building and at students’ homes. Winter became Smithfield’s advocate for Moodle. She took the “Learn Moodle” MOOC a couple of times and encouraged their colleagues to dive into MoodleCloud’s features, which she managed to do “with just a few clicks on the keyboard,” as she claims.

Winter and Smithfield’s relationship with Moodle is still going strong. Parents have also expressed their satisfaction about the blended approach set up in Moodle, and Winter herself is pleased due to the reduction in parental inquiries coming across her desk. After all, they can see “the entire body of a work program (…) by following the topics down the screen.” For the future, she considers using Moodle as an outlet for “developing a student voice.”

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