The upcoming version of the twice-yearly Learn Moodle MOOC will be themed “Teaching with Moodle: An introduction.” As usual, it allows for newcomers to the Open Source LMS to find out why millions of learning organizations around the world choose Moodle as their digital nerve center. It gives experts an opportunity to give back, interact, and meet new people online.

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The MOOC will take place over the course of four weeks starting on Monday, June 19th. Registration is already open.

Moodle HQ Community Educator ―and lifelong learner herself― Mary Cooch makes sure each MOOC provides relevant content. The latest features in Moodle will be covered, including integration with the Moodle Mobile app. It also takes into account insights derived from research on user behavior from the previous editions, thanks to the anonymous datasets compiled once they are over. In fact, this practice has informed key elements of the next offering, including the way users find out answers to their questions in forums, or the Blocks the MOOC uses.

The Learn Moodle MOOC will be based on the latest major release, Moodle 3.3. While Moodle recently announced the release will be delayed, this news is unlikely to affect the proper development of the event.

Sign up for Learn Moodle: “Teaching with Moodle: An introduction” at

To get acquainted with the course, see our previous Learn Moodle coverage or chech out the video above.

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