Serial Moodle Platform Builder Wanted. The Moodle Jobs Lines Are Open

This recent entry on the official Moodle jobs board sounded so appealing by itself we don’t think it takes much editing:

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​«We have an opportunity for a talented, senior Moodle developer who wants to branch out beyond learning management systems and help us build an integrated e-learning platform in Azure. So, if you’re a full-stack LAMP developer looking for all the excitement of a start-up but none of the risk, we want to hear from you. If you’re feeling stifled where you are and would like to shape the environment and products you work on, we want to hear from you.»

It refers to a full-time opportunity by an IT Consultancy in Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK. Applicants must show high-level skills in the obvious technologies, as well as the Azure platform and the .Net framework.

Remuneration is set at “Competitive.”


​Another, still appealing —in their words, “fantastic”— offering by the same firm is available for an Instructional Designer. The person will be in charge of developing e-learning and blended learning courses, as well as updating the current suite, covering “IT Governance.”

It is a full-time position with payment in the £30-35,000 range.


Also in the UK, this time in London, a Web Developer with PHP skills is wanted. The role will be responsible for maintaining Skills for Health’s Moodle site. They will act as the lead developer for a technical development team, providing support and guidance for new Moodle-based learning implementations to UK health care consultancy clients. It requires equal parts LAMP and Project Management Skills.

Permanent position with payment around £42,000. This appears to be the last post offering salary information.


We move to Barcelona for a “Desarrollador para Socio Moodle,” a Developer for an Official Moodle partner, that is. This position requires a Spanish-speaking developer with Moodle and Web development skills for CVA Consulting, who also handles automated testing (PHPUnit, Behat) and version control (Git). Priority will be given to candidates fluent in English and mobile application development.


Long Island City, in New York, seeks a developer and specialist who is available for a six-month consulting project involving Internet-Based Testing (IBT) on a large scale in Moodle. It features offline functionality, SCORM compliance (as applicable), and external data aggregation, in addition to the most common activities expected in a Moodle development project. The ideal candidate has 5 years experience and is familiar with agile approaches. Extra marks if they have Totara, ITIL, Prince2 and “Test-driven development” experience.


Our next caller is a little shy. UK Moodle Partner HowToMoodle seems to have a variety of openings it needs to fill right away. The only special requirement for candidates is familiarity with themes up to Moodle 3.2 (so they better get up to speed with “Boost” children).


HowToMoodle is loosening up in this next opening, which requires a UK working permit. Candidates for a permanent position will develop Moodle themes, as well as advise on interface and innovation practices. Three years of comprehensive back-and-front-end experience with Moodle is required. The permanent position offers “competitive” salary including a health care plan and pension.


3 to 5 years is the amount of experience Lingel Learning is looking for in a “Senior Moodle Developer” candidate. They need a go-getter with encompassing skills and specialty in AWS cloud infrastructure. The job boasts performance-based bonuses, a job in the heart of Melbourne with a team that has a part in the states. A master’s degree is a plus.

Lingel Learning is a sponsor of MoodleNews.


Nick is looking, preferably in the Kansas City area, for a “CSS Programmer” to fix some issues with the registration system for the Institute of International Medicine. Please send Nick your resume.


And finally, another official Moodle Partner, this time Australian My Learning Space, is looking for a 5-year System Administrator to monitor the company’s cloud infrastructure. The company promises candidates an “autonomous role” and remote working opportunities. It is a relaxed job for the most part, with the occasional midnight downtime panic. They must handle large Moodle operations and interact with clients “through resolution,” be knowledgeable with AWS, Azure and Bluemix cloud, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL architectures, and be “committed to open source.”

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