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Moodle HQ’s Helen Foster reiterates the invitation to all Moodleverse citizens and visitors to take part in the “Quality Assurance” stage for Moodle 3.4. The progress in terms of tests passed will determine whether the long-awaited release, with a stated focus on usability, can be ready for its original date of Monday, November 13th.

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By October 23rd, the Moodle HQ team, but mostly volunteers, completed a little over 230 tests out of the reported 570 tests available. Even though less than 9% of tests have failed, previous instances of delays in major Moodle releases are caused by low participation rates, not test fails.

In fact, Foster stresses,

“The failed tests as good news as the passes, as it means we’re discovering bugs for developers to investigate and fix prior to release.”

Helping with a test is simpler than it might seem. You can get started by browsing the QA Moodle site, then check out the “Moodle 3.4 QA Dashboard” at the Moodle Tracker. Visit the “Moodle 3.4 QA Forum” to learn more and get involved.

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