Rope Team – is the name of a new course format coming soon in Moodle. The new course format is fully loaded with intriguing features which encourages peer teaching and encourages social learning in Moodle.
Recently, during the hackfest at “Shaping the Future” EDTech summit in Israel, Martin Dougiamas – CEO & Founder of Moodle, worked along with the StepUp Marketing team and came up with a new course format idea. The new course format addresses the most common problem in online courses faced by the teachers i.e:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Learners being left behind,

and you don’t know why

A new Moodle tracker issue is created to watch the progress of the this new work under progress through MDL-58419. The new course format is focused to introduce the new concept of Social learning in Moodle with clear advantages like:

  • Increases engagement in the subject
  • Tailored language and delivery
  • Frees up the teacher to focus on facilitating

Rope Team - Team Based Social Learning coming soon to Moodle with new course format #Moodledev
The new course format implements a new unique workflow for learning a set number of topics. A class of any size can learn any number of topics. This solution allows a teacher to build a very complicated course with high quality in least time for potentially thousands of students. Immediately usable by many thousands of institutions around the world.
In the Rope Team course format, students will form a team and act as the Leaders for their own topic and Learners for the other topics. The team is responsible for everyone to pass the course.
There is a brief presentation to introduce the solution presented in the new format which you can get access to through this link.
I believe that this new course format is having a huge potential and will be a game changes to make Moodle more social learning friendly. I am pretty excited about this new Rope Team format and hope that it will soon be available for Moodle. What do you think about this new course format? How much useful for Moodle users? How it will improve the Social learning in Moodle?
Share your creative thoughts about the Rope Team format with us in the comments section below.

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