‘RemUI’ For Moodle 3.4, The Theme To Begin 2018 In Style

In line with a new appreciation for the user experience of teacher and students at Moodle HQ, EdWiser, an Indian EdTech company, shows the latest updates to their trademark “RemUI” theme, most of which focuses on user experience.

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The main focus of the premium theme’s update is speed. Thanks to a code clean, the theme reportedly boasts faster loading time.

As Moodle 3.4 brings several tweaks to the general interface across pages, “RemUI” painstakingly brings every new feature with its own twist, checked and double-checked for “bugs, bugs, bugs.”

Compatibility with popular plugins has also been perfected. A solution to a recurring complaint involving the Level Up! plugin is one of the noteworthy enhancements.

The Course Archive page comes with new features, starting with sorting options, useful for Moodle sites with long lists of courses.

Dashboard improvements complete the list. A “sleek slider” gives color-based responsiveness and interactive percentages of course completion. A “teacher-centric dashboard” shows course progress per students.

“RemUI” is a premium theme that costs $99 USD annually for a single site, $129 for two, and $299 for a lifetime license. They come with a 15-day “handover” period after which any further setup and customization is charged extra.

Update “The Curtain Unveils, finally- Presenting RemUI 3.4!” at edwiser.org/blog.

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