With Moodle 3.3, teachers will get a healthy set of new features, designed with productivity and student engagement in mind.

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Here are the new features:


‘Grade By’ Reminders: Teachers can get alerts to remember to grade students submissions timely. Because when it comes to feedback, it’s all about timing!


Specify File Type: When setting up a submission Assignment, you can request a specific file type along with other requirements. Remember to include Open Source versions. If you request a text document, include and .DOCX as well as .ODT files. Or if you request a slideshow, .PPTX and .ODP, and so on.


Collapsible Comments: Long awaited, this feature hides your annotations into yellow text bubbles to allow you to more easily read your students’ work.


Enhanced Activity Completion Control: A new tab allows quick editing of the level of importance of all activities in regard to their Course (optional or required), as well as whether to set manual or automatic validation.


Drag and Drop Media: Just drop any file onto the Moodle page. It will open up a menu to let you decide where do you want to place it along the course.


Stealth Activities: These are Moodle Activities that will not show up on the Course page or menu, but unlike “Hidden Activities”, these stay available for users. You can let students access them with the URL, which you can place anywhere in the course.


More tag areas: Search via tags will cover individual entries in the Moodle Glossary, Forum posts, and Book Chapters.


Delete multiple Questions: This allows you to clear large parts, or all the content of a Moodle Question, through a tab on top.

But that’s not all! Be sure to check the features available for every kind of user, from student to administrator.

See the full list of new features here.

Download Moodle 3.3 from download.moodle.org/releases/latest now.

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