Are you looking to learn about creating mobile friendly courses with Moodle? Do you have courses optimized for mobile devices? If you are looking for guidance to create mobile friendly courses then I have a good news for you today.
Registrations open for the Free Moodle Mobile MOOC commencing 01st May 2017 #HRDNZ #moodletraining
The next edition of the free Moodle Mobile MOOC will begin from 01st of May 2017. The MOOC course is organized by Human Resource Development International (HRDNZ) – Moodle Partner in New Zealand since 2006. It was first started last year to celebrate a decade of Moodle Partnership.
The MOOC course is for the teachers who are already familiar with Moodle and already using Moodle for teaching online. The course is best suited for the teachers who wish to better understand how to create and deliver their courses for mobile devices.
Online registrations for the Moodle Mobile MOOC are open and you can register your spot here – The goals of this 4 week duration MOOC course are to:

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  • Provide a real-world experience for teachers that is based entirely on mobile use of Moodle.
  • Explore and explain the use of Communication, Resources, Activities, and media within a mobile Moodle setting.
  • Encourage everyone to share and benefit from this amazing mobile Moodle experience.

The course also offers a chance to get yourself awarded with an Open Badge and Certificate verifying you completed the course with an official Moodle Partner that represents 10 hours study.
When you are going to register for this free Moodle Mobile MOOC course? Do you have your Moodle course optimized for Mobile devices? Do share with us in the comments section below.
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