During the recently-held Hack/Doc Fest, the US Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project  (CLAMP) took the time to acknowledge some of the people who have helped make this growing alliance what it is and what the alliance has meant for the development of Moodle. But beyond that, the Recognition Awards, given to people chosen by CLAMP’s Steering Committee, are a nod to the human element in the future development of open technologies for the development of critical thinking skills everywhere.

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The two winners this time were a developer and an instructional designer with veritable records of contribution to CLAMP and Moodle. In this year’s selection, both winners are fairly known by the CLAMP members and even a few non-CLAMP Moodlers. They have been active participants in the recent face-to-face events, from assisting in logistics to coordinating development for Moodle to being a beacon of enthusiasm about CLAMP, Moodle, and open learning in general.

This year’s awardees were:

Joseph Bacal (Moodle and WordPress Applications Administrator at Smith College) Bacal has years of experience in web development as well as teaching. For two years now, he has helped support Smith’s community in making the most out of Moodle and WordPress. An entrepreneurial spirit, he is currently a team member of Holyoke Codes, a workshop-based teen coding advocacy initiative, and Challenge Galaxy, another coding initiative with projects and challenges.

Daniel Wheeler (Academic Research Computing Specialist at Colgate University) Long-time technologist, Wheeler is a CLAMP veteran in both “hacking and doc’ing.” For over a decade, he has managed both Moodle and Blackboard LMS on servers, experience he has generously shared at CLAMP workshops since 2013. Wheeler is also a member of the Cazenovia Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps (CAVAC) in New York and a Blue and Gold Officer Area Coordinator for the US Naval Academy.

Read the complete release at clamp-it.org.

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