Project Inspire – Moodle’s own analytics project is ready to inspire your life as the first prototype is ready for testing and made available for testing. As of now, only the Phase-1 of the project is ready for prototype, which includes the new analytics Moodle API with predictive analytics support and basic descriptive analytics.
Project Inspire is intended to identify and validate indicators of student, teacher, and institutional engagement in educational activities for developing learning analytics software features with the following functions:

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  • Description of learning engagement and progress
  • Diagnosis of learning engagement and progress
  • Prediction of learning progress
  • Prescription (recommendations) for improvement of learning progress

The current prototype includes the built-in Students at risk of dropping out prediction model, which uses finished courses results to predict students drop-outs in ongoing courses. You can check out the Phase-1 prototype of the Project through this link. Testing instructions are clearly mentioned with the login credentials on the same page.
To get involved with the development of the project, join the Project Inspire community here. Moodle HQ is aiming to have Project Inspire’s learning analytics tools as a separate plugin in the upcoming Moodle 3.3 release. I am eagerly waiting for the Project Inspire Analyser plugin.
What’s your view with the development of Phase-1 of the Analyser plugin? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

About Project Inspire:

Moodle’s Project Inspire is essentially Moodle’s Analytics Plan. The project aims to identify and validate, indicators of student, teacher and institutional engagement in educational activities. The information from this will be used to develop learning analytics software features.
Here is a brief introductory video about the Project Inspire.

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