Poodll Plugin Family For Moodle Debuts New ‘Shadow’ Member
“Poodle Puppies” by Jean is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The “Shadow” player and recorder is the latest in the series of newly released skins for the audio and video playing and recording plugin family, PoodLL.

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“Shadow” is designed for pronunciation practice. It allows students to record their own voice while listening to a model file, hence the “shadowing.” They can also listen to the model file before recording and then to their own recording after. Teachers and administrators can set a limit of playbacks and recordings.

The plugin is “undergoing changes. We are making it even cooler.” A demo site is available here.

PoodLL is one in a recent wave of plugins looking to answer the demand for audio annotations, which would make it easier for teachers to provide concrete feedback, especially from Moodle Mobile. Just like BigBlueButton and RecordRTC, PoodLL could be adapted to offer audio annotation functionality thanks to the text filter plugins available.

To help manage options and versions of the now ten different PoodLL plugins, a dedicated admin page is available upon installation of any of the plugins. The panel coincides with the visual enlivening of the PoodLL site.

A license to PoodLL is billed annually and starts with a $179 USD tier for up to 200 active Moodle users from the same domain. A 30-day trial is also available.

Update “Poodll Shadow” at poodll.com.

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