The Button Maker plugin for Moodle makes for a simple way to create eye-popping buttons. It takes advantage of the CSS code and the Bootstrap framework, which give the visual layout and design to your Moodle page. But with this plugin, you will never have to see a line of code.
Where the click of these custom-made buttons takes your students is your choice. A button can direct students to any place in your Moodle Course, from content and activities to other resources, or even to outside pages. The buttons have a 3-D effect and it is easy to make them colorful so they stand out on your page.
The Button Maker plugin is based on another plugin, Generico, a Text Filter type. Text Filters browse for specific words on your Moodle site and automatically add functions and interactivity. This means that with a few special characters you can create brand-new buttons from your Moodle text editor.
The latest release of the Button Maker is compatible with Moodle 2.9 to 3.2. Previous releases, for previous versions of Moodle, are no longer available.

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