Edwiser developer Rajiv Sathian is announcing the newest release of “RemUI”, a Moodle theme and part of Edwiser’s visual trademark. It updates on the previous release, which enabled compatibility with Moodle 3.2.

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Sathian details the main improvement of the latest theme, which he invites us to review on the demo site (requires signup with email verification).

Improved course navigation


Expanding on the visual idea behind the “Boost” theme, Moodle 3.2’s default new look, “RemUI,” brings its own take on the NavBar. A few improvements over “Boost” are worth mentioning:

  • When the NavBar is collapsed, a column on the left of the site remains with icons.
  • Hovering over them reveals the name of the sections they link to.
  • Visiting a course section shows its Activities on the NavBar. A checkmark next to an Activity signals it as complete. (This functionality was not available on the demo site at the time of writing.)

RTL language support


When changing to Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, Hebrew, Turkish, Urdu, or Uzbek, the site will inverse its layout. This includes the NavBar which now will unfold from the right side of the Moodle site, as well as any menu and page element.

Improved course overview widget


Mimicking the popular tile-based Course Formats already available in Moodle, such as Grid or Masonry, “RemUI” offers a tile-based layout to display Courses, with a placeholder for thumbnails above their titles. A progress bar at the bottom of the image shows the headway student has made in each Course.

IE 11 compatibility and more

The “RemUI” theme is compatible with Internet Explorer 11. At the same time, Sathian reports a cleanup of CSS and JavaScript code, along with fixes to some bugs reported by users.

Read Sathian’s post at edwiser.org/blog.

Sign up to access the demo at edwiser.org/remui/#demo.

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