Are you looking for an open source web conferencing solution for online learning? The web conferencing solutions can be used to provide remote students a high-quality online learning experience. BigBlueButton is the best open source web conferencing solution available in the market.
BigBlueButton is a completely open source and made by a community of dedicated developers passionate about helping improve online learning. Yesterday, the BigBlueButton announced the release of the new version i.e. 1.1. The new version is power packed with a lot of exciting new features.
The goal of the BigBlueButton project is to give remote students a high-quality online learning experience.  This release is a significant step towards that goal. This has been, by far, the most heavily tested BigBlueButton release (some organizations ran over a quarter of a million meetings on the beta version alone).

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Open Source Web conferencing - BigBlueButton version 1.1 released #opensource @bigbluebuttonMajor Features in BigBlueButton 1.1:

Here I am listing down few of the key features launched in BigBlueButton 1.1 version:

  • Breakout Rooms – Instructors can group students into breakout rooms for increased collaboration. Instructors can monitor activity in the breakout rooms and set a time limit for collaboration.
  • Closed Captioning – BigBlueButton enables a stenographer to provide live closed captions in multiple languages during a session. After the session finishes, the captions will appear as subtitles in the recording.
  • Faster Screen Sharing – Screen sharing is faster, works across all browsers (using a Java application that launches outside the browser) and now captures cursors.
  • GreenLight – Administrators can install a new front-end, called GreenLight, that makes it easy for users to quickly create meetings, invite others, and manage recordings on a BigBlueButton server. Using Docker, administrators can install on the BigBlueButton server itself (no need for a separate server). GreenLight is written in Rails 5 and can be easily customized by any rails developer
  • Ubuntu 16.04 packages – This release installs on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit (the most recent long-term support release from Canonical) and uses systemd for new start/stop scripts for individual components.

For more details about the new features and fixed issues, please see detailed list of new features and issues fixed in BigBlueButton 1.1.
Interested in trying out the new BigBlueButton without installing it? Check out the BigBlueButton demo here and let us know when you going to install on your learning platform.

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