Nitrocharge Your Moodle STEM Teaching With This Plugin Family

Nitrocharge Your Moodle STEM Teaching With This Plugin Family

WIRIS develops educational mathematics add-ins and plugins for the most popular Learning and Content Management Systems. Moodle, of course, and the several LMS competitors, CMS like WordPress and Joomla!, among over forty compatible systems.

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For Moodle, the plugin family includes their trademark functionalities: the formula editor, a quiz widget, and a powerful (CAS) calculator that solves integrals and maniplates matrices, all from an HTML interface. WIRIS supports 12 plugins which were recently updated for Moodle 3.2.

The WIRIS plugin for Atto and WIRIS plugin for TinyMCE add a button to the most popular Moodle text editors, which opens a rich interface for equation editing that also includes the calculator and graphical functionality.

The WIRIS filter recognizes mathematical equations, graphics and calculations, and transforms them into their interface. It requires one of the two text editor plugins to work, depending on the one enabled for the Moodle site.

The rest of the plugins are Moodle Question Types, with the exception of the WIRIS QUIZZES wrapper plugin, which conveniently includes them all. Upon install, it grabs the other plugins into the Moodle site, ensuring it always installs their most recent versions.

The Question Types available for WIRIS are:

See the complete list of WIRIS plugins for Moodle here.

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