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The Moodle lesson feature offers some capability to provide a simulation, but it is limited. Making the assumption that I need to create a SCORM package in order to “plug in” a simulation or game into Moodle, my question is:

Do you have a recommendation (or list) of simulators or game engines that can create a standalone SCORM package for use with Moodle? By standalone, I mean a complete package executable on the Moodle user’s device without requiring a back-end simulation or game server, or other external resources.


Dear student,

I am afraid the answer you are looking for is only available in limited form.

EJS is a powerful open source tool for virtual and real simulations that offers an encompassing series of features in Moodle thanks to a family of 6 plugins.

The EJSApp plugin for Moodle provides the core functionality. If you use EJSApp without accessing external resources, you will only be able to run “virtual labs.”

To allow import and export of standalone simulation files stored on a computer or an online repository, the EJSApp File Browser plugin lets you save files with simulation states. Virtual or real simulations can be stored at any phase of the process: initial conditions, mid-point, or final.

Similar features are offered by the VPL plugin, which is focused on programming languages.

As for your complete request, consider the following:

  • Moodle does not offer SCORM creation functions. You cannot build a SCORM package that contains EJS content through Moodle.
  • Technically, it is possible to embed EJS objects inside a SCORM package that contains an EJS object. But it would take custom development to create them, and there are no existing solutions that do this, inside or outside Moodle. EJS does offer an API where new software developments can interact with the simulation features.
  • It is possible to run EJS in the Moodle server, but this could limit the power of the simulations. Other EJS plugins feature access to the Open Physics library of ready-made simulations, the ability to book real labs remotely, or even real-time collaboration over a P2P protocol. Read MoodleNews’ coverage on EJSApp here.

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