The Italian Users Association showed once again the value of local citizen interest groups by holding the largest meeting of Moodle minds in the country last month.

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The event opened with Moodle HQ’s Gavin Henrick discussing the future of the open source LMS. While Italy is one of the European countries where Moodle reportedly holds over 60% of the market share in Higher Ed, it has no local open source alternative. As Moodle’s long-term planning involves a deeper commitment to open initiatives, from technology and content to advocacy and civic engagement, the nation is a market to follow in the coming years.

Talks following Henrick’s intervention covered:

  • Accessibility
  • Teacher training and professional development
  • Online annotations
  • 3-D, scientific virtual laboratories, and simulations (see video here)
  • Features in Moodle 3.4
  • In-place, computer-based assessments
  • Digital interactive storytelling in mathematics
  • Problem-based learning
  • Blended learning

Watch a 5-hour recording of the event here.

View a Twitter Moment by Gianluca Affinito from Formez, a learning-based public administration initiative from the Italian government.

Upcoming Moots in 2017

While announced Moots in India, South Africa, and Mexico are still TBD, a surprising announcement revealed the upcoming MootleMoot Western Balkans & Serbia 2017, to take place in Belgrade. It is organized by the Moodle Network of Serbia, which could be considered an association for educators who use Moodle in the Balkans.

The latest Moot calendar for Q4 in 2017 goes as follows:

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