As we have come to expect, interesting people from all background and ages are enjoying the month-long online gathering of “Moodlers”. Teachers, educators and otherwise learning enthusiasts from all places and backgrounds move towards getting to know (and love) the name in Open Source LMS (Learning Management System).

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We follow-up with week two, to run from January 9th to 15th.

Getting involved

This week the instructors have set up ten activities, three of them optional. The focus is the Workshop activity, which allows for tasks sorted in phases, for students, individually or by groups. MOOC students will follow the phases for the remaining of the course.

Workshop are only an example of the many Moodle activities available, also a way to illustrate the content creation and editing options available for them. Instructor Mary Cooch will show you how to add resources with varying levels of interactivity. The Book, Wiki and Glossary activities are also on display this week.

A small Quiz (yet another Moodle activity) gives closure to the week’s contents. It is the easiest, chillest quiz you’ll ever get, as you can repeat it as many times as you like.

Optional weekly regulars include a feedback form, and a live video session on Sunday with a poll to make sure it takes place at an optimal time.

Interested parties can see what other are saying about the Teaching with Moodle MOOC on Twitter (or on a bottom left panel in the course dashboard) by following #learnmoodle.

Join the Teaching with Moodle MOOC by signing up for free at

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