Moodle Users Association – the community branch of Moodle to contribute to the Moodle project, is in action once again after successfully integrating Recycle Bin and improved My course Overview in Moodle 3.3. This time the focus is to improve the Moodle’s Calendar Interface.
The new Calendar Interface Improvements project proposed by Stephen Bourget – MUA committee member, during the last project cycle ended December 2016. This is the third project by Moodle Users Association. The idea behind improving the Calendar interface came to Stephen when the teachers needed to post homework in Moodle along with all due dates in the calendar. But because of bit “clunky” and outdated interface, Calendar is not able to handle the advanced features like Drag and Drop events.
The usability of the user interface is one of the more important aspects of this project. As of now, it takes many clicks to create any event in the Moodle calendar which is very unfriendly for the teachers. When compared to Google calendar, where the user can simply click and create the event and even update it through drag and drop.
Apart from improving the Moodle calendar, Stephen would like to work upon many areas in Moodle that can be improved. According to Stephen:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

“One of the biggest complaints I hear about Moodle at school from teachers is that it is “consistently inconsistent”.
Moodle has many features that are sporadically implemented. For example most activity modules support groups, however, if you want to use the glossary module then it doesn’t. Some modules like assignment, quiz, choice, feedback, database, etc. allow the teacher to set a due date, but only a few of these allow the teacher to have different due dates for different students or groups of students. Some activities allow the students to view recent changes or updates in a course while other activities do not. This list of inconsistencies is rather extensive.

Moodle Users Association opted for Calendar Improvements project @moodleassocProject development cycle Jan – June 2017:

In the current project development cycle, final voting is now under progress and will closes by June 30, 2017. The top voted projects in this development cycle are as follows (in descending order of votes):

If you would like to be a part of Moodle project and contribute to its development, consider joining the Moodle users Association. For more information check out the official website  –

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  1. In the past I modified the still existing MRBS block to post room reservations into the Moodle calendar.
    I changed/extended the edit form from MRBS to reflect better the information of our organisation for roo,m reservations, like a drop-down menu with names of the 150+ courses we offer.
    When posting to the calendar, information was then blended/merged in the existing fields of the moodle calendar.
    I also created PDF-buttons to print the timetable of a course, using the information imn the calendar. (room reservations + moodle events) we also created pdf-buttons for sets of courses, based on the curriculums.
    When changing a room reservation, the script for MRBS first removed the old reservation and then post the new reservation again in the calendar.
    Code is outdated and no longer live, but my wishes not 🙂


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