Moodle Users Association Kicks Off July - December Project Development Cycle
“A leaf-cutter ant worker carries a leaf fragment back to her colony by Jarrod Scott” by Duncan Hull is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The current, and perhaps most highly-anticipated, edition of the Moodle Users Association (MUA)’s Project Development Cycle is up. Considering the streak of success in terms of game-changing features for Moodle and the fact that the LMS race is getting even tighter, there is a lot riding on the new features of this development cycle.

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The final vote for the January – June cycle has just been tallied, and the winner is the Expanded Question Bank Management. The project encompasses the creation of a flexible management layer allowing you to add metadata to questions in fields that can later be used as sorting or selection criteria. This project was submitted by Trevor Jones from the University of Alberta.

For the current cycle, MUA members are welcome to submit their projects. Both they and the Moodleverse at large are aware of the stakes this time around. We are also interested to find the real limits, if there are any, of MUA as a driving force for the continuous evolution of Moodle.

The “Suggest Project” phase is open until Thursday, August 31st. Next phases follow, as scheduled:

  • Preliminary Voting (Closes September 15th)
  • Finalize project requirements (Closes October 15th)
  • Moodle HQ gives cost estimates (By November 15th)
  • Final Voting Cycle (Closes December 31st, 2017)

A Project Cycle forum is also open for all MUA members to discuss and collaborate and will remain available for the full six-month cycle.

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