Moodle Users Association Debuts New Committee, Voting, Policy Changes

The first official meeting of the new Moodle Users Association Committee was held online on Tuesday, October 10th. It welcomed the 5 new members that will join the 5 incumbents for the next twelve months.

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One of the first things emphasized by Committee member Emma Richardson (and supported by non-Committee MUA members) was the importance of volunteer work within MUA, particularly to help spread news and encourage participation. MUA Committee members are volunteers themselves.

Even though the voting process for the new members necessarily left some members off of the Committee, the atmosphere during the session, as well as in the ongoing activity at the MUA Forum, kept the optimism afloat. Committee members expressed their thanks for the community’s support, and non-Committee members offered their help for anything the Association needs.

On his personal blog, elected Committee member Kenneth Scott Huntley expressed his appreciation, not only for the support that voted him in, but for “our diversity of thought, ideas, approaches we have to educational technology, but most of all, our passion.”

A few policy changes were also announced during the meeting:

  • Voting periods for MUA’s Project Development Cycle are shortened to two weeks.
  • Rule 25, MUA’s “Common Seal of Association,” is declared obsolete and deleted.
  • A typo on MUA Policies was corrected.

Watch “MUA Townhall’s Personal Meeting Room” Part 1 (49:42) and Part 2 (1:01:49).

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