Moodle Project has announced the participation in the Google Summer of Code – GSOC 2017 program for the 11th time as a mentor organization. Google summer of code is a program focused to bring out more student developers into open source development. The Google Summer of Code (GSOC) runs for 3 months where students work with an open source organization during their break.
If you are a student interested in development, you can apply to work with Moodle as a mentor organization. The duration for submitting your participation nomination for GSOC 2017 is from March 20, 2017 – April 3, 2017.

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Potential Projects for new developers:

Potential projects for this year’s GSOC program are as follows:

Moodle participating in Google Summer of Code - GSOC 2017 for the 11th time #moodle #gsoc
If you are a student and willing to take part in GSOC with Moodle, check out the  Applying to work with Moodle for GSOC course for details about the application process. Otherwise, if you are a developer and interested in mentoring a project, please contact David Mudrák.
We will keep you updated about the recent progress with GSOC Program this year. Stay tuned.
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For more details about the GSOC 2017 program, check out the following links:

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