IntelliBoard is announcing an update to its Moodle services in learning analytics.
IntelliBoard’s swansong, the Instructor Dashboard, provides instant visual data to teachers. On one page, it shows stats about courses, activities and learners. It is easy to customize.
One of the distinguishing features of IntelliBoard is the ability to display correlations. Users can choose existing report or create their own. They can also filter by time or section.
Other stats include completion rates, grade averages, visits and time spent logged in.
See the Moodle plugin in practice, by logging to IntelliBoard demo site. It features an overview of learners, grade and activity progress. A tab shows visual standings for all active courses on one page. Another tab gives you access to 10 bespoke reports.
To access the demo, use the following credentials:
Instructor Dashboard
user: teacher
password: Teacher_2017
Learner Dashboard
user: student
password: Student_2017
The latest plugin for Moodle supports installations from 2.6 to the new 3.2 release. Visit the IntelliBoard plugin page at the official Moodle Plugin Directory for more information, and to install or download. A basic usage tier is free, and premium plans are available, all after creating a free account at
IntelliBoard reports that up to now it collects data on 8.2 million learners across 434,000 courses and more than 1,300 connected sites.
Note: IntelliBoard is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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