As a testament to prove its numero uno place in the education sector, Moodle as a LMS has created another record. Recently, the Moodle stats have crossed the 100 million users all over the world. Crossing the 100 million users mark is a big achievement for all the Moodle community members, developers, contributors. A big congratulations to everyone from MoodleWorld team for achieving this amazing feat.
Moodle Stats page provides the latest data about the Moodle users across the world including other useful data. With presence in more than 235 countries and 110 million resources, Moodle is going to be the most popular LMS across the world. As per the recent stats, there are more than 81 thousand registered Moodle sites with more than 105 million users which mayn’t be reflecting the real figure but only a part of it.

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Top 10 Countries using Moodle:

There are more than 12 million courses, 360 million enrolments and more than 600 million questions created with Moodle. The top countries who are using Moodle are as follows:

Country Registrations
United States 10,278
Spain 7,245
Mexico 4,783
Brazil 4,609
United Kingdom 3,493
Italy 3,123
Germany 2,597
Colombia 2,494
India 2,400
Australia 2,349

Moodle enters 100 million users club across the globe - Moodle statsIf you see the stats more closely you will infer that majority of Moodle sites have less than 10 users which means that Moodle is the most suitable platform for the individual teachers with a small group of students. There are many other institutes and organizations which are using Moodle for a higher number of students (particularly in the range of 500-1000 students).
These stats will never show the real Moodle usage because majority of the Moodle sites are never registered. If you are also using Moodle and hadn’t registered your Moodle site yet, then you should register immediately. For more information about registering your site, check out this Moodle docs page.
Check out the complete stats about the Moodle project through –

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