Moodle as the name suggests is highly modular and customizable in nature. Moodle plugins are the integral part of Moodle ecosystem which makes Moodle highly customizable and modular. As on last update, Moodle support more than 52 different plugin types through which you can extend the Moodle behavior to meet any sector specific requirements.
As on date, there are more than 1375 plugins in the official Moodle plugins directory. All these plugins are contributed by around 770+ Moodle community developers. But since Moodle core is upgraded to a new version after every six months, so does the responsibility of Moodle plugin developers to upgrade and make their plugins compatible with the new version.
However, many Moodle sites continue to run the older Moodle versions. This makes the life of the plugin developers difficult as they have to support multiple versions of the plugin.

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Moodle Plugin status by Moodle versions:

Recently, Moodle core team has made some significant changes in the Moodle plugins directory. The latest addition is the ability to see the plugin usage based on the Moodle version. This is a significant feature for all Moodle plugins developers. Now, they can easily decide whether they have to continue the support for older Moodle versions or move ahead and focus on developing new features.
Here, I am embedding the plugin stats of the Essential theme and its usage among different Moodle versions:
Moodle Developers - Do you need to maintain older version of your Moodle Plugin? Check it out based on the usage #Moodledev
As of writing this article, the chart is not displaying the corresponding Moodle version. However, it will be fixed soon by Moodle team. The overall chart data is also visible just underneath the chart. This data will help all the Moodle developers in planning the development of their plugins.
How many Moodle plugins you are using on your Moodle site? Which are your favorite Moodle plugins? Do let us know in the comments below.

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