Moodle UX Research In Phase II, Call For Power User Interviews Open Till 8-18

If part of your professional duties involves setting up Moodle Courses, Alberto Corado is looking for you. A post in the forums by the Moodle HQ UX Lead is asking for volunteers for a research study.

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Corado’s post includes a link to the “optimal sort activity,” divided in six sections with each corresponding to a part of the management of a Moodle course: Administration, Reports, Badges, Question Bank, Users, and Categories. The activity takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

The survey is expected to be up throughout this week, and Corado has given respondents assurance that answers to date have been collected and will be used. Responses will likely impact the way the admin panels and options are laid out and organized, with the changes potentially coming as early as next November with Moodle 3.4.

Through his role in charge of Moodle’s User Experience, Corado has made an effort to bring constant, quality feedback from the Moodleverse into the development of the LMS interface. Surveys and usability testing sessions accompany Moodle HQ’s year round monitoring of user feedback through the Moodle sites and forums.

To find out more and access the activity, read Corado’s forum post here. Please keep in mind this activity is intended for Moodle users with administrative permissions on a website.

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