Corporations everywhere are starting to realize the value of using online learning inside their organization as a way to increase the skills and productivity of staffers. As a recent post on the blog suggests, Moodle and other similar LMS could soon play a larger role in many companies’ strategic direction or operational performance.

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The idea of linking “learning interventions” to effects in bigger scope goals is not new. In fact, early theoretical frameworks to study the once incipient EdTech landscape, and learning analytics in particular, consistently considered workplace contexts in the analysis. Perhaps the best example is the “ROI on Learning Pyramid,” covered in our Learning Analytics Roadmap series and discussed in depth by Britt Andreatta, CLO of, at 2016’s MoodleMoot US.

Andreatta’s title, by the way, stands for Chief Learning Officer, a high-level management titled position pioneered by and a few others, but that now is an identifiable role found across more companies, not only those in the education business

Conversely, Moodle has always been aware of the importance of workplace, business, and even non-profit settings as user case studies for the LMS. Even though there is not an established statistical significance between the use of an LMS or EdTech by a company and its level of innovation or competitiveness, the presence of these technologies would suggest an interest in improvement where people’s skills are involved.

Moodle Partners have been quick to understand the potential of EdTech in the workplace. The Moodle blog post cites a recent webinar given by the heads of eThink, who list the factors that make a sound proposition out of inexpensive, flexible, and appealing digital learning interfaces.

Watch a recording of the webinar here.

Read “Moodle for the Workplace – How, What, Why?” at

eThink LogoThis Moodle Practice related post is made possible byeThink Education, a Certified Moodle Partner that provides a fully-managed Moodle experience including implementation, integration, cloud-hosting, and management services. To learn more about eThink, click here.


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