Moodle 3.3 release

Disponible en Español.

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The highly anticipated version 3.3 of the world’s most popular learning management system is now available for download.

Click here to visit to download it now.

Here are some of the features we’re most excited about:

For administrators:

  • The OAuth 2 Authentication plugin is integrated so you can use your Facebook, Google or Microsoft IDs to identify yourself.
  • An upgrade to the uploaded document converter for the assignment module which converts to PDF format, making it easier for teachers to annotate assignments.
  • A “stealth” mode to link activities without displaying them on the course page.
  • The possibility to connect to the Inspire Project
  • Better support for Unicode multibyte characters (Asian languages, emoji ..) in MySql

For teachers:

  • Several improvements for the assignment activity:
    • Ability to create a reminder for the grading.
    • Define and enforce the file type for the submissions
    • Collapse / expand the comments on the assignments for a better UX.
  • The activity completion management system is improved with batch update of the completion settings.
  • Tags are extended to glossary entries, publications on forums, and chapters of books.
  • Extending drag-and-drop to media files on course page.
  • Stealth mode for activities facilitates the management of orphan sections.

For all connected users:

  • Customizable dashboard (funded by Moodle User’s Association).
  • Improved integration of files and documents from the Google G Suite and Microsoft Office.
  • Using the Font Awesome Icons Library and Emoji

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