Minutes Before Launch, The QA For Moodle 3.4 Fired Up

The Moodleverse has risen to the challenge and concerns about a possible delay of Moodle 3.4 (admittedly, by us) are no longer. On a Moodle Forum thread, Development Process Manager at Moodle HQ, Marina Glancy, reveals, with a “big thank you,” the passing rate of 100% for Moodle 3.4 in the Quality Assurance (QA) stage.

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The dramatic slope of the resolution curve is a testament of the intense work by volunteers, as well as the HQ team who had to stay on alert, and reset the tests when they came out as failed, so they could be fixed and tried again. On November 6th, after two weeks of the cycle, less than half the tests had been tried. Then we see an increasingly hectic pace of testing on the 7th, with 30 tests on a single day, which doubled the number of tests performed in the days before November 10th. In the end, a total of 575 tests were performed and passed.

Thanks are in order for all contributors, big and small. However, part of the success is due to the large contributions by some “serial” testers:

  • Platinum: Al Rachels, who singlehandedly performed 7.1% of all tests, or 41 of them.
  • ~5% Club: Luiggi Sansonetti (33), Mark Nelson (31), Adrian Greeve (30)
  • ~4% Club: Slawomir Grefling (26), Nicholas Martignoni (25%)
  • ~3% Club: Jun Pataleta (20), Olga Kasatkina (19)
  • ~2% Club: Jasmin Klindzic (16), Eduardo Kraus (14), Jean-Roch Meurisse (13)

Helen Foster invites the community to acknowledge all the people behind the testing for Moodle 3.4, as well as previous versions.

Read the Moodle Forum thread “Moodle 3.4 QA cycle 100% pass rate” at moodle.org.

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