As we have reported earlier in this post, Moodle User’s Association got a brand new leadership committee. The new committee is elected by  voting process by Moodle User’s Association members.
New committee consisting of 10 members includes the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson,Treasurer, Secretary and other community members. The MUA committee is responsible  for the management of membership, activity and financial activity of the Association.
The newly appointed committee has chosen Emma Richardson as the new Chairperson for the committee supported by Vice Chairperson – Richard Samson, Treasurer – Steve Powell, Secretary – Thom Rawson and other committee members.

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Project Updates:

Currently the MUA committee is working on the feedback from Moodle HQ with Project proposers and getting them ready for the final voting phase which will begin in mid December. The committee review is planned to be finished by 15th November which will be followed by final voting process.
Moodle Users Association team is also working on the Question bank project which was chosen during the January – June 2017 project development cycle. The team is currently waiting for a final design approval from Tim Hunt and then will be getting a bid from HQ.

Townhall Meetings:

The next community town hall meetings are scheduled on 07th &  14th of November 2017. Check out the MUA events calendar for more information.
Still thinking to join the Moodle User’s Association? Check out the membership page for more details and get yourself registered today!

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