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MoodleBites, the online education branch of New Zealand official Moodle Partner HRDNZ, has shared the complete playlist for their “Theme Design” course.

The 10-video set will allow designers to get acquainted with the patterns, layouts, and assets available in Moodle. It shows how to make the best use of them and how to use them to articulate a unified aesthetic that caters to a unique institutional image.

The topics for the videos are:

  • Theme developer tools
  • CSS3 gradient backgrounds
  • Images
  • Customizing breadcrumbs
  • Customizing side blocks
  • Customizing topics sections
  • Customizing footers
  • Installing a new theme
  • Theme settings pages
  • Cloning a default theme

While the videos provide a quality outlook of theme design starting from an existing theme, students might find it valuable to access the complete MoodleBites experience and join the “Theme Design Level 1” course, a 3-week asynchronous program that–on top of the videos–offers a forum for participants. But perhaps the most enticing proposition to join the course is its leader: Gareth Barnard, a Moodle theme “heavyweight,” expert, and helpful Moodler.

Both the videos and the MoodleBites “Theme Design Level 1” course expect some familiarity with HTML and CSS. Learners must also have a Moodle site to test the theme, for which some guidance is available in the course.

Watch the playlist on YouTube.

Find out more about “Theme Design Level 1” MoodleBites course here.

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