In the last article, we have seen how you can enable the social account login on your Moodle site using the OAuth login services and linked logins. This article will be in continuation and we will see how you can connect your Google Drive and OneDrive repositories with Moodle and access the files with advanced features.
In Moodle 3.3, Once you have your social account linked with Moodle through OAuth login services, it is possible to get access to the corresponding storage service (Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive) as an option in the “File Picker.”  Even your students can directly link from their online storage or create a copy to store on Moodle to send as an assignment.

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Connecting a System account

A system account is not needed for login functionality. A system account may be connected to provide advanced functionality, such as access controlled links from the Google Drive repository or OneDrive repository. The system account should be a dedicated account for this purpose only.

Link your Microsoft, Google & Facebook logins in Moodle and access your learning material easily - Part-2 : Moodle3.3Enabling Google Drive and OneDrive repositories:

To use the OneDrive/Google Drive repository, an administrator must first create a Microsoft or Google OAuth 2 service:

  • Go to ‘OAuth 2 services’ in Site administration and click the button to create a new Microsoft/Google service.
  • Follow the instructions in OAuth 2 Microsoft/Google service and obtain a client ID and secret.
  • Enter the client ID and secret and save changes.
  • Go to ‘Manage repositories’ in Site administration and enable the OneDrive/Google Drive repository.
  • On the OneDrive/Google Drive configuration page, make sure that Microsoft/Google is selected as the OAuth 2 service then save changes.

Access Controlled Links

Moodle 3.3 provides yet another improvised feature termed as “Access Controlled Links”. Teachers may display files from OneDrive as ‘access controlled links’ and continue updating the files, but students can only view them. On the other hand, Students may send files from OneDrive/Google Drive as ‘access controlled links’ in assignments. Once submitted, the student may no longer change them, but the teacher is allowed to edit them. This will help the students in working on their assignment files on any device and send easily without worrying about the file format.

Enabling Access controlled links:

  • A system account has been connected in OAuth 2 services in Site administration. This account will own and control access to files submitted by students and teachers. Teachers will be able to edit the files but students will not. This should be a dedicated account for this purpose.
  • “Supported files” is set to “Internal and External”.
  • “Default return type” is set to “External (only links stored in Moodle)”.

Moodle 3.3 also supports external plugins to convert uploaded assignment submissions to PDF format for teachers to annotate. Apart from the Unoconv which needs unoconv to be installed on your Moodle server, now you can use the Google drive converter. This option provides a useful alternative for those organisations who are unable to install Unconv for document conversion.
I hope that after following this brief introduction, you are capable of adding Microsoft and Google drive as the repositories in your Moodle and enabled the Access controlled links feature. If you face any problems in after the same, do let me know in the comments section below.

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