Level Up! Kept Your Moodle Game Strong. Now, Level Up! Plus Will Bring Your A-Game

Level up! is a Moodle plugin that adds gamification cues to a Moodle course or site in just a few clicks. It first emerged during a “Project Week” at Moodle HQ back in 2014. Since then, the plugin has only grown and, as of September 2017, more than 2,200 Moodle sites have reported using it.

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As students take part in course activities, they earn experience points. When they satisfy a certain amount of experience points, they “level up,” at which point they unlock extra content in their courses and get some well-deserved congratulations for their efforts. The plugin also comes with an optional leaderboard to encourage competitive students to race against each other (in a friendly manner, of course).

Branch Up, the team behind the plugin, led by Frédéric Massart, recently announced the release of a premium “Level up! Plus” plugin. It features Activity and Course completion support and access to their dashboard from the Moodle Mobile app, among more than a dozen new features. It also lets educators rename the “experience points” to make a more meaningful or thematic experience.

“Premium add-ons are not frequent in the Moodle plugin sphere, but we are confident that the community will see the benefits as we see it, a mean to help fund the plugin’s development. Note that the ‘Free’ version will remain free, and we will keep on maintaining and adding more features to it,” said Massart.

Level Up! Plus is available in three tiers supporting an unlimited number of users. Rather, each one includes different levels of support over additional websites. For more on Level Up! features, packages, pricing, and more, visit levelup.branchup.tech.

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