Let Moodle Into Your Native Culture By Contributing To Translations

A post on the moodle.com blog features an interview with Koen Roggemans, Moodle HQ Volunteer Translation Coordinator.

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Moodle today offers regional versions for more than 100 languages. Considering that this is the result of thousands of volunteers around the globe, it is arguably an impressive feat. Roggemans, a volunteer himself, believes the community can handle bigger things. Today, some languages are still underserved with limited translations of Moodle, or none at all.

As Koen explains, Moodle HQ has made several efforts to help volunteers in their work, which to date has surpassed the 1.2 million phrases or “strings” translated. The focus is AMOS, an automated translation tool for Moodle that manages translations and language packs.

Having accurate translations of Moodle for non-English speakers has been a key factor in the successful adoption of the Open Source LMS in places such as South America and Spain, Brazil or Italy. Likewise, it will determine its future in places like the Arab world, Africa and South East Asia, whose EdTech markets show great potential.

Any person interested in translating Moodle into a new language, or make sure the existing language packs are correct and up-to-date, can count on Roggemans for any kind of help. He enjoys assisting volunteers, as he does in his IT management and teaching job in the Netherlands. He even has some words of encouragement:

«Languages are a valuable cultural heritage and an important component of the identity of a population. Providing Moodle in a minority language helps encourage its use.»

Find out more about the AMOS translation tool here.

Find out ways in which you can contribute to translate Moodle. Visit lang.moodle.org.

Read the complete interview at moodle.com.

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