Have you ever wondered about the aquatic world below sea level? Have you ever had the chance to dive into this underwater world? Whether you’re visiting new depths for the first time or planning a return trip to the reef, a little training–such as the one featured on the Moodle Hub–goes a long way.
SeaSigns is a Honolulu-based non-profit focused on scuba diving and underwater safety education. For over a year now, they have provided comprehensive aquatic training and materials online, with Moodle as the tool of choice for their offerings.
SeaSign’s Tom Eloph has submitted the “Fun & Safety Signing” course, which will give you a breakdown of the hand language used by divers to communicate underwater. As the summary explains, it can be frustrating to see something incredible, as you inevitably will, and not be able to explain what it is or how to let others see it. It would be even worse if you were in need critical help and didn’t have time to get to the surface. For these cases, SeaSigns teaches a standard hand signal language, thoroughly tested for quick learning and confusion-free communication, that is accepted by several diving advocacy and safety organizations in the United States.
The SeaSign “Fun & Safety Signing” course is available for a $50 USD fee (as of the writing of this post). Eloph argues this is, ultimately, a more affordable and reliable option than any communication technology, including slates. Payment is available via PayPal.
The SeaSign Moodle-based learning features over a dozen courses on underwater communication for a variety of levels and specialties, including instructor certification training. They also have mobile apps and sell complementary tools, such as flashcards, slides, and videos on their Moodle online store.

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