Learn to Manage Project Scope With This Serious Moodle Game

Get Started With Project Management Scopes With This Moodle Serious Game
Burgeon Palms is a consulting company, “indigenous” to Africa, as they boast. It focuses on talent, Project Management and career development, with Abuja, Nigeria as epicenter. They provide project management training and certification exam preparation. To properly serve their scattered segment of the population, a digital strategy is needed. And what learning platform is more accessible than Moodle?
Burgeon Palms develops complete learning offerings through Moodle, including theme and content design. As of 2016, it delved into “Serious Games“, playful activities designed to have a positive impact on workplace skills.
Its ostensible expertise on project management can be gauged on their educational offering regarding Project Management Scopes. A Scope is a set or boundary for the actions and areas that fall under the control of a project. It is often divided into Project Scope, which defines the processes and outcomes that fall into the control and authority of the managerial team, and Product Scope, which defines functions and attributes of the project’s end-of-line outcome. Scopes help prevent project management pitfalls such as overreach and micromanagement, and can indirectly benefit communication and expediency.
To showcase its “Scope Management” serious game, Burgeon Palms has submitted it to Moodle Hub, the official LMS’ OER (Open Educational Resources) repository. The “Scope Management Process Game” features animated drag-and-drop activities to verify the player’s understanding of the many Scopes’ moving parts. Burgeon Palms proposes a Scope framework that encompasses 10 “Knowledge Areas” and 6 “Processes”. Players can move forward if they correctly establish the set relationships between areas and processes.
Access the Scopes serious game at hub.moodle.org, or directly at burgeonpalms/elearning. It is completely free but it might require to sign up.

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