Do you know that Moodle is having its own Open Education Resources (OER) database where you can share and reuse Moodle courses created by different Moodle community members? connects you with free courses and content shared by Moodle users all over the world. The database has many free to use Moodle courses, Boost Presets, Database presets, Glossary entries, User Tours, Books, SCORM Packages etc.
Recently, a new course was shared by #dariahTeach on about “Text Encoding and TEI (Text Coding Initiative)”. The course introduces the theory and practice of text encoding using the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative. The course also provides an overview of text encoding in general as well as core concepts of the TEI.
Learn about Text Encoding and the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) through this free to use Moodle course #OER #MoodleThe course covers concepts such as text modelling, markup languages, and the importance of standards for making metadata usable and searchable. The course also explores the history and approaches to text encoding. The course is divided into three units:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Unit I: Markup languages: an introduction to textual scholarship, modelling, and markup languages: what they are, their history, and some of their uses and characteristics. 
  • Unit II: Modelling with XML and DTDs; delves into XML in more detail: discussing the building blocks of XML and an overview of its rules and structures. 
  • Unit III: How to encode with the TEI – provides opportunities to apply what you have learned in the previous units.

If you are interested in teaching the Text Encoding process to your learners, then this can be a good reference to start with. You can download the course from database here.

About #dariahteach:

#dariahTeach is an open source, multilingual, community-driven platform for high quality teaching and training materials for the digital arts and humanities. There are many other free courses and workshops offered which you can access here.

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