Validate The #Moodle Milestones In Your Career With The Official Course Creator Certificate #moodlenews

Corrections made on Feb 2nd. The MCCC covers Moodle 3.1, not 3.2.

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Elearning Experts are the only US Moodle Partners allowed to provide an official Moodle Creators Course Certificate. The MCCC is an international distinction that validates your skills, not only pertaining planning, design and implementation of a course in Moodle, but knowledge of best practices regarding content, resources and the students’ group itself.

During the course of 8 weeks, the MCCC will cover ―more appropriately, refresh, more on that below― the following topics:

  • Environmental technology basics
  • Moodle skills
  • Moodle Blocks
  • Using Resources
  • Using Activities
  • Multimedia
  • Participant management
  • Course management

The MCCC is a certification that is best accompanied with veritable EdTech experience. Elearning Experts recommends their MCCC to people who have fulfilled the following 7 competencies:

  1. To have created at least one Moodle course used it with learners (not practice or demo courses)
  2. To have been an active user of the appropriate version of Moodle for at least one year.
  3. To have used many different activities and resources within Moodle.
  4. To be familiar with the Moodle Documentation, and to find their way around.
  5. To have read the documentation in the Moodle Certification area.
  6. To allow for 5 to 10 hours a week to work on the MCCC process. (This is an indicative time only – it will vary for individual candidates.)
  7. To be willing to improve understanding and use of Moodle.

Ensuring a place in the process requires payment in full of USD 500. Completion of activities will award students their MCCC.

The latest cohort of MCCC launches on February 1st. Registration can be done via email to [email protected] or calling the us at 888-928-3848.

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