Latest Features Of PoodLL, Moodle's Beloved Pet For Audio Recording

The PoodLL brand name is a family of Moodle plugins, all focused on bringing the capability to record and share audio and video inside the LMS. They have received some favorability, even after the recent “PoodLL 3” interface.

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In the last month, PoodLL developer Justin Hunt has made three important updates to the plugin family. The first of them involved an update on the management of cloud regions. PoodLL requires cloud services, for which it employs AWS. As some regions prevent software from transfering information to datacenters in other places of the world, PoodLL had to expand the location of the AWS data centers where the data will stay. To be sure, PoodLL does not keep user data, rather it takes it to the cloud to perform transcoding and processing tasks. If you need to comply with regulation preventing private data transfer abroad, a settings menu option on the latest version of PoodLL lets you choose the AWS data center. You can keep your data in Japan, Australia, Europe (Ireland) or the US.

The second update involves PoodLL’s templates, either a favorite feature or a hidden gem. PoodLL’s templates are based on Moodle’s text filters and they give users powerful customization tools that are useful even beyond recording. There is, for instance, a whiteboard, which can be set up as a widget. Follow the instructions here.

Finally, PoodLL has added a “Download” button for the recordings. The feature was available in PoodLL 2, but the new design yanked it away. With the latest update, a pop-up “Download” button is now available under the playback bar.

Make sure you have PoodLL 3.0.46 (version 2017070301) to enjoy these new features.

Information about installing and downloading PoodLL plugin family is available here.

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