All Russian Moodle users will enjoy the first ever MoodleMoot in their own country which is going to happen on March 30th, 2017 in the capital – Moscow. Moodle Partner – Open Technology will organize the first ever MoodleMoot Russia 2017.
The first MoodleMoot Russia will be held in business center of the Civil Code “Berlin” at the address: ul. Small Yushunskaya, Building 1, Moscow, Russia.
The keynote presentation will be delivered by Marina Glancy – ‎Development Process Manager at Moodle HQ about –“Moodle’s latest release and also what’s next?”. Preliminary schedule for the conference is available now through this link.
Kind attention please - First MoodleMoot Russia to be held on March 30th 2017 #moodlemoot #mootru17
Moreover, by attending the MoodleMoot, All participants have the opportunity to receive a certificate of advanced training on the program “Information and Learning Environment: electronic and distance learning, learning management automation”.
The invited speakers for the conference are Moodle experts who will share their experience in the implementation and operation of e-learning system with Moodle in different areas. The presenters also include the developers of Moodle plugins, as well as experts from related fields from gamification to a specialist for the protection of personal data.
If you would like to attend the first MoodleMoot Russia and be a part of inauguration of a wonderful journey, you can register your spot for the Moot through this link.
For more details about the MoodleMoot Russia 2017 (#mootru17), check out the official website –
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