Jaw-Dropping Homeschooling Moodle Gets Closer To Prime Time


The “midnight oil” keeps burning for Lewis Carr. On an update to his “Homeschooling Moodle,” he shares a video of his astounding work in pushing Moodle to the usability extremes.

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In the update, he also reveals the name of this remarkable take on Moodle: “Springboard.”

It all starts with a login page, built from the ground up, with large fonts and contrasts. But that is just the surface.

Once the young user logs in, a minimalist screen shows bright, playful icons for lessons arranged in sections. There are never more than four choices on the screen at any one time.

A floating icon reveals a menu made of more floating icons. “Bounciness” is theme of the day.

In the video example, clicking on an icon takes the student directly to an H5P activity, also tweaked to hide common menus since young students do not need to worry about these.

As Carr’s work looks to be moving past the stage of a proof of concept, questions about its practicality and evolution to actual learning settings, especially for homeschooling and unschooling contexts, begin to populate the conversation. A special concern relates to the implementation of analytics to identify progress of educational outcomes. It could take a lot of work to implement an analytics dashboard that preserves the “Springboard” layout, but as long as educators (many of them parents) are fine with accessing a more standard-looking version of Moodle to check out learning behavior, “Springboard” could even make it easier, assuming Carr has preserved Moodle’s Reporting and Logging infrastructure.

Carr promises to keep going on his “Funky Moodle Stuff,” as he himself has tagged it.

Read the update “Digital Home School Moodle Update 2” at lewiscarr.co.uk.

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