It’s Teaching With Moodle MOOC Final Week But Your Moodle Life’s Work Has Just Begun


You can still join the thousands of self-actualizing, tech-educators by logging in to By now, unfortunately, it will be difficult to achieve completion to obtain your Moodle certificate. But it is completely free, however, and you will still have access to a fully functioning Moodle 3.2 site, several examples of Moodle activity, and especially the vibrant activity by fellow “Moodlers” in the forum and their own courses. Logging in will also allow you to visit the course links added here.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Users who have been following along since week one are finishing up this week’s activities, most important of all the “peer-review” phase of the Moodle Workshop activity. This, along the other activities, will award them the Certificate of Completion, and the iconic “Moodle Badge” which they can embed in their sites and wherever Mozilla Open Badges is compatible.

The final week’s tasks are:

The last activity is perhaps the most valuable to set you up on your path as a “Moodler”. By having followed through the course, you have now a “Moodle starters pack” which you can upload to your or your organization’s Moodle site, or even to a free MoodleCloud account.

If you could not make it this time around, rest assured your fear of missing out will only last until July, when a new “Teaching with Moodle MOOC” is in session.

You can also binge on the full MOOC Youtube playlist here.


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