IOMAD Brings Multi Tenancy To Moodle 3.2

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There are times when we wish our system would be able to handle several situations separately. EdTech customers, for example, usually prefer that the cloud-based services they use reflect their unique designs. To accomplish this, cloud-based EdTech companies need “Multi Tenancy”. The ability to host, in one server, many independent sites, each with their own entry gate and unique experience.

IOMAD is a Moodle version enhanced with Multi Tenancy. It is targeted to corporate training and businesses in general. It extends Moodle through a “layered” architecture, where each module is an independent Moodle site, in terms of features, appearance, branding and roles. A user can have different roles across modules, and if he has the permissions, he can share content between them, even complete courses.

In tune with the recent Moodle 3.2, IOMAD has upgraded its interface to the “Boost” theme, a responsive, flexible and cleaner design. Other Moodle 3.2 features available now in IOMAD include Company and User Profile pages and User Tours, as well as the speed and security improvements available for the standard Moodle.

IOMAD is a product by E-Learn Design, a Moodle Partner, which licenses their Multi Tenancy Moodle solution as Open Source, so you can download it and set it up for free. E-Learn Design offers services on top of IOMAD, such as hosting, support, and custom development. As a Moodle Partner, 10% of the revenues from IOMAD-related business goes to maintain and develop the Moodle core.

Besides Multi Tenancy, E-Learn Design’s IOMAD also offers exclusive e-commerce, licensing and reporting services.

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