Do you want to gamify your Moodle course? Are you looking for ways to gamify your Moodle course? Gamification is the technique to engage, motivate and enhance the learner engagement by using game mechanics and games. There are many ways to gamify your Moodle course and many plugins which can be used to enhance the gamification effect.
Mootivated – the new gamification platform under development is a mobile app that rewards student effort for learning in Moodle. Mootivated is founded by a group of high school teachers in Chilliwack B.C., Canada, with a motive to automatically reward the effort students make at learning in Moodle.
The moodle plugin for connecting Mootivated app with your Moodle site is waiting for moderation in the plugins approval queue. As of now, the Mootivated Sandbox is ready for testing and if you are interesting in testing it out, please contact – [email protected]
Here is a small video demonstration of the Mootivated app in action:

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Key Features:

The major features as promised by the Mootivated team are:

  • Modern Moodle Gamification – The mobile app that rewards student effort for learning in Moodle.  Coins are awarded for working in Moodle and they can be spent in either the Avatar Part Store or your School Store.
  • Web Dashboard – Your web dashboard administrator can manage the Store, moderate student-generated content, and set up challenges for your entire school.
  • The Store – Students can use their hard-earned coins to buy stuff! Through the web dashboard, your school can list items for direct purchase or set up a raffle draw. Tickets to a movie, free lunch at the cafeteria, an exempted assignment…sell whatever you want to reward their effort.  
  • Student Generated Content – Your Digital Art students can develop their skills by creating avatar parts for your school and upload them to the app on our dashboard.

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For more details about the Mootivated mobile app, check out the official website here –
I am pretty excited about this new gamification platform and my gut feeling says that it will go a long way. It will me very useful for gamifying the Moodle courses and enhance the learners engagement.
PS – MoodleWorld is not affiliated to Mootivated through any means.

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