Intelliboard Analytics Dashboard Ready For Moodlerooms

With the recent announcement of a partnership, Intelliboard tools and technologies, which report and display student analytics over the cloud, will soon come with Moodlerooms, the Moodle-based Open Source LMS offered by Blackboard.

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Students and administrators will enjoy “user-friendly reports, analytics, and notifications including easy-to-read charts, graphs, and tables.”

Blackboard and Moodlerooms already offer X-Ray, a Learning Analytics solution that “provides deep insight into learner behaviors and identifies trends that affect achievement within Moodle.”

Even though both systems provide similar features for Moodle Sites, IntelliBoard offers a more straightforward analytics experience with a focus on real-time responses, usability, and rich visualization.

Moodle Partner Blackboard acquired X-Ray Analytics in 2015. X-Ray allows identification of trends in educational content consumption by students and helps optimize it. It is a hands-on service, with Blackboard data scientists working directly with customers to define goals and explain the algorithms.

Although no information on pricing or setup is available as of this writing, it is likely that IntelliBoard will be offered as an added-value resource on top of the Moodlerooms service, as is the case with most items on the list of extended functionality products.

Read the press release here.

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