Increase Flexibility Of Moodle Topics Course Format With This Plugin

This year the official blog has started to profile interesting plugins. Reviewing and suggesting use cases for them in your Moodle has been one of MoodleNews most popular features. This Moodle HQ initiative is a welcome place to recognize best practices, tools and the ways “Moodlers” do their part to become productive members of the community.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Recently, covered a Course Format type: the Flexible sections format plugin. This plugin adds links within the course sections to expand the available content space. Upon installation, editing options reveal additional icons that extend the management of sections and subsections. A well-favored feature is collapse\expand of subsections into a section.

Teachers can also set “collapsed” as default for old content, giving prominence to active sections. When sections are collapsed, the title is a link that leads to a separate page with all the sections’ content. If it has subsections, they collapse too, and always show below the section’s activities.

The Course Format plugin was upgraded for Moodle 3.2 compatiblity last January. Maintenance credit of Course Format goes to Marina Glancy, Moodle HQ Development Process Manager.

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